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A folkloric character mainly seen during
carnival, a cultural symbol of Puerto Rico.

This is a collaboration between 2 puertorican brands (A Medias & Rogative)

We want to showcase part of our culture.  Traditional colors of the Vejigantes were green, yellow and red, or red and black. Today, Vejigantes wear brightly colored, ornate masks corresponding to the colors of their costumes that detail bat like wings.

A Medias
We are a Puerto Rican company with a mission to
share our art with the rest of the world.
We collaborate with the best artists and deigners
from Puerto Rico to create unique pieces of
“weareble art” that anyone can acquire. Each
original design reflects the diverse talent and
endless creativity that our small island has to offer.

Founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ROGATIVE
was inspired by the founders travels and
experiences living outside of Puerto Rico,
including that strong feeling that tugs at your
heart when you are away from home.