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This sock is part of our San Valentine's collection.

We wanted to show the love between our endemic "S.Adelaidae" commonly know as "Reinitas Mariposeras".

The species are found in the dry forests of the southern region of our Island, such as Guánica and the Central Cordillera.

It measures about 4 inches. It is common in all environments where there are trees, shrubs and flowers. It feeds on nectar (which it sometimes extracts through a cut
at the base of the flower), fruits, spiders, and insects. It is easy to attract feeders with sugar. It reproduces all year round. The pair build a globular nest that may include twigs, cotton, bark, and lint, often using old nest material. The female lays two or three eggs with brown spots at the bottom of the nest that only she broods. Warblers also build other nests to spend the night.